Keeping Your Home Clean For Showings

Dated: 01/10/2018

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Keeping Your Home Clean for Showings

While keeping your home clean for showings may be exhausting, it is crucial to getting an offer!  By doing the below steps you are creating an inviting, clean feel.

Work the Room

The first step in keeping your home clean is to work the room. Most people struggle in now knowing where to start. Most people enter the room, find themselves thinking about how much there is to do, and then feeling overwhelmed. By using the “Top-to-Bottom” rule, you have a guideline for where to start.  Start by dusting the ceiling fan since it is at the way top and then the surfaces of any bookshelves and tall furniture. Second, focus on eye level objects and work your way to the floor. When having a sense of direction with cleaning, it will make your cleaning go a lot faster. A good rule of thumb is briefly picking up every day or two, and then doing a deep clean once a week.

Use Mobile Storage

Hearing the news of a showing is so exciting but the first thing that comes to mind is where to put everything as fast as you can.  An easy, time-saving technique is to stop at your local Dollar Store or Walmart and pick up re-usable storage bins in every color for each room in your home. You can put all miscellaneous items in the boxes and store them in the garage until the showing is over.  A more budget-friendly way option is use any boxes you may have laying around.

Break Bad Habits and Fake Good Habits

The home selling process is long but by taking small steps throughout the day you can save double the time by picking up as you go instead of dedicating a time. Some other examples of habits to break would be storing toilet paper under the sink instead of on top of the counter, unloading the dishwasher as soon as it is done to save time for when you want to fill it and lastly putting away folded laundry immediately to avoid piles of laundry all over.

Make it Appear Clean!

By focusing on areas that catch the eye first, you can create the illusion of a clean home. For example, wiping down fixtures, knobs, and cleaning the floors. Another idea is to fold white towels and set out on the counter in the bathroom for a bright feel.

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